Storing Diapers Away

For the second time in our parenting journey, we are saying “cya soon!,” to our cloth diaper stash. Otto has committed to no diapers, hooray! We are expecting our sweet baby girl to join us mid-February, which means we have a good few months of our diapers sitting untouched. This same little break happened between the boys, too. I am thrilled, both at a little break in changing diapers before saddling up to start again, and for the outlet to focus some of this wild early nesting energy. I’m fairly type A as it is, but nesting energy makes me a little nutty. Reorganize-every-closet nutty. So getting to empty a few dresser drawers in the boys’ dresser was especially satisfying.

Storing diapers for longer stints between babies is really pretty simple. First, be sure that any soiled diapers have been laundered following your normal cloth diaper wash routine - we need all diapers clean before you get going. You’ll next want to gather the stash all together. If your stash has reached epic proportions that you’re trying to hide from your partner, it’s best to do this at a time he or she will not be home (wink wink, we get it, guys!).

Once gathered, your diapers need a deep cleaning before they go away for awhile. My favorite deep cleaning treatment is GroVia Mighty Bubbles. It simply couldn’t get easier than this handy little pod of deep cleaning power. Follow the instructions on the back of the package, and follow the optional follow-up instruction to run more than one treatment. This does not mean to use more than one pod in a wash cycle, but to run consecutive, back-to-back wash cycles each with just one pod. This is going to clean your diapers into submission, and it requires nothing more than a few hours, a few pods, and a few pushes of buttons.

After you’ve run your Mighty Bubbles cycles, you can either hang to dry or tumble dry low, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations for the cloth diaper brands that you are using. Get those diapers nice and dry, just like you normally would - lingering moisture is a breeding ground for yuck.

Great! So your diaper stash is deeply cleaned, and nice and dry. You’re ready to store them! You will want to store your diapers in a container that gets plenty of open air. This means to avoid using something like a large plastic storage bin, or an airtight container of any kind. Great alternatives would be to store in pillowcases, mesh laundry bags, or in an open basket. Make sure that you are storing in a climate controlled place, too - garages, sheds, crawls, storage units - all not so good. Think about that top shelf of that one closet in your house that you store holiday decor - that’s perfect!

Last step: If your diapers will be tucked away for a long period of time, pull them out every few months and give them a wash and get them thoroughly dried again. For one, it keeps things fresh - dust will settle, even if you never open that door to your well-ventilated but rarely-used closet. But more importantly, this periodic wash will keep the elastics in your diapers from getting too stale, or even worse, incurring dry rot. Yuck.

That’s it! Deep clean, dry, store, wash periodically for longevity. We hope this helps when the day comes to store your diapers for a while. As always, drop us a line if you have any questions!

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