Stop Shopping Amazon - It's costing you more than it's saving you.

Stop Shopping Amazon - It's costing you more than it's saving you.

Cool. We had some great deals for cyber weekend, hope you enjoyed!

Now that that's over how about continuing to support independent retailers on an ongoing basis? We give you rewards, free fast shipping with no yearly fees, and actual human customer service when you need it. Were you one of the people that was against Wal-Mart when they were killing off mom & pops in your town? Amazon is no different to online retailers, and in fact they are even worse.  They leverage their growth off of small businesses backs. They create dependence models in which small retailers use their services (Amazon Pay, Sell on Amazon, Amazon Product Listing Ads), and then abrubtly discontinue those services, effectively turning over small business customers to their own platform. 

So in short, at TGN, we don't really care where you shop as long as you are making an effort to recognize the businesses that struggle and fight for your business all year long.  To name a few in our industry: (ourselves),, - etc.  Don't just think about your short term gains, consider the whole and what you'll be left with if you continue to pump all your money into just one business. What you'll be left with is one giant conglomerate that will continue to control prices and brands.

For example, they are doing to brands what they've already done to retail; Create a reliance system where brands can't not sell directly on Amazon. In our industry, you can insert the name of any major diaper brand you own, and look at their presence on amazon.  They sell directly there in most cases, as Amazon is a necessary channel for exposure.  Over time Amazon creates relations directly with that brands manufacturers and creates amazon branded knock-offs that will continue to blur the line of which items are worth buying brand name for.  That's great in the short-term for you as the buyer, but ask yourself what happens when this process becomes so apparent that there are no more new brands or innovations coming because of this inevitable end.

 At any rate, the choice is yours, and a lot of you already consider all these facts, I'm sure.  But if you don't, you might want to consider the future effects rather than the .99 cents you're saving now or the 2 day shipping your getting for free that you're paying for.

All that aside, we want to express our GRATEFULNESS for our loyal customers as well as our one time customers - you already made a great choice to support small.

If you are an independent retailer in any industry, contact us and we'll be happy to link you below.

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