Elemental Joy Diaper - Intro and Comparison to bumGenius 5.0

Elemental Joy Diaper - Intro and Comparison to bumGenius 5.0

Hot off the trucks, we have a brand new diaper brand at TGN, and we are here to give you a peek inside.

The Elemental Joy pocket style diaper is a new brand and diaper from the makers of Cotton Babies (bumGenius and Flip) diapers. This diaper brand is quite a bit different, though. With a simple design and low-budget prices, this diaper is a competitor to other low cost diapers on the market, while boasting the selling point of being made domestically. This brand not only puts a domestic brand in competition with other inexpensive diapers, it makes cloth diapering more accessible to the masses by being a more budget-friendly option to those stretching the budget.

The Elemental Joy line-up boasts three solid colors familiar to the bumGenius line: Pepper is a rich, bright red, Clementine is a warm yellow orange, and Ribbit is a great grassy green. The line also features three prints, each of automobiles across a white background, trimmed in coordinating solid trim, in Go (Ribbit trim), Faster (Clementine trim), and Stop (Pepper trim). 

Let's take a look at how the diaper design compares to the pocket style diaper from Cotton Babies, the bumGenius 5.0.

From the outside, you can see that the Elemental Joy appears to be cut a bit roomier than the 5.0 - the fit is supposed to be very simliar, except that the Elemental Joy lacks the stretch that the bumGenius 5.0 has to give it a stretchy and smooth fit. Different brand tags further differeniate the two. Let's look closer:

Here we can see a few differences. The Elemental Joy features elastic gussets that are entirely wrapped in knit material, whereas the 5.0 features elastic gussets of knit material on the outside but stay dry material to go against baby's skin. Further, a big design difference can be found on the tabs of the diapers: the bumGenius 5.0 has stretchy tabs, giving the diaper a very smooth fit once secure. The Elemental Joy does not have stretchy tabs; you'll still get a nice fit, but it won't be quite as smooth and trim-fitting as the bumGenius 5.0. 

Opening up the diapers reveals a couple other design differences. The Elemental Joy and bumGenius 5.0 are both fully lined with stay dry material, giving baby a nice dry feeling even when the diaper has been soiled. However, the 5.0 has less exposed knit material around the edges of the diaper, with the addition of a panel of material at the top/belly of the diaper that serves as a leak protection barrier. Also a design feature of the 5.0 is a flap of stay dry material over the opening of the pocket, to keep inserts in and keep messes from traveling farther than they ought to. On the Elemental Joy, the simple design features only an opening in the back to insert the insert. Speaking of inserts, lets look at what's different there, too!

The Elemental Joy diaper insert is a flat! A flat style insert is an awesome cost saving option, and an homage to old school cloth diapering. Made of a single layer of birdseye cotton with hemmed edges, the Elemental Joy flat can be folded and inserted into the pocket of the diaper. One huge perk of this simple insert is that a single layer of cotton is super easy to wash and dry - even by hand! This opens up the opportunity to cloth diaper for those who may lack regular access to the use of laundry machines. This insert is very different than the two cut-to-fit microfiber inserts that come with the bumGenius 5.0 diaper. The microfiber inserts (a larger adjustable size and a smaller newborn size or doubler) can be layered to create a ton of absorbency; the two together are more absorbent but bulkier in fit than the birdseye flat of the Elemental Joy. The Elemental Joy may require more than one flat insert to hold up to the absorbency of using both microfiber inserts like the 5.0. 

So there you have how the designs compare. Cost wise, what are we looking at? The bumGenius 5.0 starts at $19.95 (you can save some bucks by buying in bulk, like our 6 pack and 24 pack bundles). The Elemental Joy diaper pieces are currently being sold separately at TGN, with the outside piece costing just $8, and each flat inserts costing $1.95. 

We hope this helps give insight into this new brand of cloth diapers, and what to expect in comparison to another pocket style diaper with a more complex design. Drop us a line if you have any questions that we can help to answer!

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