Finally! An Efficient way to Dry Cloth Diapers Indoors!

It took me two years, but I have FINALLY found a way to dry cloth diapers indoors that works great for me! Over these past couple years I've tried several different methods that worked okay, but none that weren't really super convenient.

I started out drying my son's diapers over the washer and dryer. I put a nail in both walls they sat between and tied a piece of twine around each nail, giving me a makeshift clothesline. It worked, however I didn't like having to reach over the washer and dryer to hang them. 

diapers on line

My clothesline couldn't really come out any further because my laundry room/mudroom was in a space that was much like a hallway with doorways on each side. Hard to explain. Just didn't work. So I looked for another option...

I moved my diaper drying to the living room. We have a huge bay window with a long curtain rod. I draped the diapers on the curtain rod to dry. Again, this worked okay, but I eventually grew tired of having to reach so high to hang and unhang diapers. Moving on...

I finally found the PERFECT indoor cloth diaper drying solution... or so I thought. I started hanging diapers to dry on the chairs my dining room. I could get four, sometimes five at a time on a single chair and hung my wet bags from one of the corners. This worked great for us for well over a year. It's how I've dried diapers the majority of my son's diapering days.

diapers on chairs

Then the unthinkable happened. One day I noticed what looked like a tiny splinter on the inside of one of my son's diapers! It was lodged between the waterproof PUL layer and the polyester fabric. I had no idea where it could have come from. Being very careful not to pierce the PUL, I manipulated the splinter so that it was sticking out of the outer fabric and cautiously removed it with tweezers. Whew! The diaper would go on to live another day!

We went months without incident, but then it happen AGAIN. What the heck?! Where were these splinters coming from? I looked at the chairs and noticed that the finish was starting to flake off (probably due to the moisture from the wet diapers), and realized that must be where the splinters were coming from. My old tried and true method wasn't so true anymore. I needed to find another way to dry indoors...

A few months ago we moved our washer and dryer out of the mud room and into an actual laundry room. There was enough space in there to hang a long wire ventilated shelf along one of the walls. It's pretty convenient- I store detergent and odds and ends up on top, and hang clothes that I don't want to dry in the dryer underneath by hangers. One day I was putting some clothespins in a basket on top of the shelf and a light bulb went off... not only could I hang clothes from the shelf, I could hang cloth diapers from it, too!

diapers hanging from shelf  

It's kind of like my clothespins and shelf were made for each other! Through each pin is a notch that fits perfectly on the wire. I hang them from every other wire on the lip of the shelf. Depending on the length of your shelf, you could obviously spread them out farther if you'd like. Even with hanging my little guy's diapers close together, I find they dry just as quick as they did with the chair method.

Some may worry about the elastics prematurely stretching from the tension cause by hanging wet diapers. I've hung my son's diapers to dry for over two years now, and personally haven't had any issues. I usually only hang shells and covers to dry. All-in-Ones, which weigh more and would cause more tension on the elastic, get tossed in the dryer on low, along with my son's inserts and fitteds.

diapers hanging from shelf

Taking them off is a cinch! I just put a laundry basket on my hip and go down the line, squeezing the pins and dropping them into the basket. I find my new indoor drying method so convenient, I plan to hang them this way even when warmer weather rolls around... that's IF my son is still in diapers. Fingers crossed for potty learning by spring! :)

There are so many different ways to dry cloth diapers indoors. You just have to find a method that works for you!

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How do YOU dry cloth diapers indoors?   

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