bumGenius Freetime v. Elemental AIOs

Hey cloth diaper-ers! Are you wondering what the difference is between the bumGenius AIO diapers, the Freetime and the Elemental? I’m here to tell you!

Let’s back track really quick to talk about the AIO (all-in-one) style in general. This style of diaper is by far the least fussy - everything you need (a waterproof outside and an absorbing material) is attached. There is no assembly required, and no searching and matching pieces after laundering. Usually, the pieces are either sewn in on both the front and back end of the diaper, or on either end so that the material can be folded over. The latter is sometimes called being sewn in “tongue style.” Gross, right? Yeah, I didn’t make it up, but there you have it. An AIO diaper is very user friendly.

Now, back on track, bumGenius offers TWO different AIO diapers, the Freetime and the Elemental. What’s the difference?

The most notable difference is the fabric of the absorbent material. The Freetime fabric is microfiber, topped with a stay dry microfleece material. These materials are synthetic fibers. Microfiber absorbs super quickly, and the stay dry material that sits against the baby’s skin helps wick the moisture away from your babe so that they do not feel the wetness of their diaper as much. The Elemental fabric is entirely organic cotton. Though this diaper lacks a built-in stay dry fabric, it boasts a super absorbent inner and a trimmer fit than the Freetime. The natural fiber material is also better at holding it’s absorbency; while microfiber absorbs a lot, it can also reach maximum capacity and create a situation where you are vulnerable to a compression leak. Compression leaks happen with microfiber when the insert is fully saturated and pressure gets applied (baby falls on bum, or sits in a car seat during that time, etc). The pressure causes the moisture to jump ship. Think of your kitchen dish sponge when it’s super full, and you push on it. But with pee.

Another difference is the way the fabric is sewn into the diaper. On the Freetime, the fabric is divided into two, with one sewn onto the front, and one sewn onto the back; the inserts lay one on top of the other this way. This makes the way that the fabric lays semi-customizable. For example, for a belly sleeper (or a baby boy), you can fold the front insert in half (under, so that the stay dry material stays on top -- microfiber directly against the baby’s skin is a big no-no) so that there is more material in the front. For the Elemental, the fabric is sewn onto both the front and the back, so that the fabric is in one long connected piece. Both diapers have material sewn onto the PUL waterproof outside, so that the inside is fully lined with fabric.

To recap:

-Freetime = synthetic material, stay dry feel for baby, inserts that allow for a smallish margin of customization, can experience compression leaks with the microfiber material

-Elemental = natural fiber, trimmer fit, better at holding its absorbency, insert is not customizable placement wise


There you have it! Two great AIOs, with varying features for the choosing! 

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