bumGenius 5.0 v Freetime

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the bumGenius 5.0 and the bumGenius Freetime? I’m here to tell you!

First, let’s talk about how they are similar. Both diapers feature the same fabric contents. They have a stay dry microfleece material on top (stay dry materials wick the moisture away from a baby’s skin, so that they don’t feel the wetness). Underneath that stay dry microfleece, the diapers have microfiber material as the absorbent material. Microfiber absorbs a lot, and quickly! Both diapers feature solid color or printed PUL fabric as their outside fabric. PUL is the waterproof material that keeps moisture and messes in.

In addition to fabric content, the diapers have the same series of snaps to adjust the rise and the waist of the diaper. Each fit babies in a range of 8-35 lb. 


The most major difference is the style of diaper. The 5.0 is a pocket style diaper - the diaper is lined with microfleece with the exception of an opening (the pocket) in the back. The microfiber comes as inserts that must be inserted into the pocket in the back of the diaper. This is called “stuffing” your diapers. Thus, these diapers do require regular assembly. 

The Freetime is an all-in-one (AIO) style diaper - the absorbent inserts are microfiber with microfleece sewn on the top, and they are sewn into the diaper on either end. These inserts lay one on top of the other, but otherwise need no assembly like the pocket style. AIO diapers tend to be deemed more convenient, since they do not require any additional assembly steps, or any switching of parts like other diaper styles.


The other notable difference in the styles is in the amount of customization that they allow. The Freetime diaper has sewn in inserts, so they cannot be removed without permanently altering (and damaging) the diaper. The diaper can be added to for additional absorbency, by adding a booster or doubler underneath the sewn in inserts, as long as the additions do not add so much bulk that the diaper loses its snug fit around the leg gussets.

The 5.0 allows for much greater customization. The microfiber inserts can be used with the addition of an insert of a different material (like a hemp or bamboo doubler) or the microfiber inserts can be set aside and the diaper can be used with completely different inserts altogether. This level of customization allows for you to choose exactly the combination of inserts and materials that work best for your baby, without adding too much cost or altering the diaper.

So there you have it! Two great diapers, same great fit and same base materials. Different diaper styles, and different levels of ability to customize your diaper.

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