Thirsties AIO v. NAIO

Thirsties AIO v. NAIO

One of our favorite tried-and-true brands that we carry at TGN is Thirsties. Made in the U.S., with excellent quality, price, and customer service, there’s nothing not to love about Thirsties. One of the things that we love the most about Thirsties is that they cover all of their bases with diaper styles. While we carry almost all of the styles that they offer, they do offer a little bit of everything: covers with different fabric styles of inserts, a pocket style diaper, a fitted style diaper, and two different all-in-one style diapers. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the two types of all-in-one diapers, differentiated by their abbreviations AIO (their all-in-one) and NAIO (their natural all-in-one). For this comparison, the AIO  will be on the left in the pictures, pictured in the lighter green color Celery, and the NAIO will be on the right in pictures, in the darker shade of green Meadow. Let’s take a look inside!

Looking at the outside, you can see that the AIO  and the NAIO  look very similar. They are cut the same, with the same configuration of snaps across the front to adjust the rise of the diaper, and the same sets of snaps for the waist (also both available in aplix waist closure) for both diapers to accommodate a range of about 8-40 lb. From the outside, the AIO is just a touch bulkier/more fluffy than the NAIO.

Opening the diapers will give us a better look at the differences.

The AIO  features very different fabrics than the NAIO, down to the sewn-in liner. The AIO is completely lined in 100% polyester microfleece, which covers a layer of microfiber terry. Microfleece is a great fabric in diapers that often gets an added moniker “stay dry,” because the fabric acts to wick moisture away from your baby’s skin. The AIO also has an insert sewn in on one end that is comprised of three layers of microfiber, topped again with microfleece. This gives the AIO a total of four layers of absorbent microfiber material. The NAIO is instead fully lined with three layers of 100% organic cotton (with the addition of a belly panel of the outer fabric, which can help keep moisture from wicking up and over the top of the diaper, especially with natural fiber fabrics), with two layers of inserts that are sewn in on one end, comprised of a total of 8 layers of fabric that is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

What do these fabric differences mean? Both are going to be very absorbent diapers, so you can’t go wrong with either. The AIO main fabric is microfiber, which is a synthetic material that absorbs very quickly. Microfiber is a bit cheaper to manufacturer, giving the AIO a cheaper price tag. The rub with microfiber as an absorbent material is that it works much like a sponge - it absorbs quickly and it absorbs a lot, but when it reaches maximum capacity and pressure is applied, moisture will escape in what is called a compression leak. The NAIO features only natural fibers, some of which are organic. Natural fibers are a bit more expensive to produce, but are superior at holding the moisture that they absorb. Natural fibers are better at not holding onto odor over time, and they also give the same (or more) absorbency with less bulk, giving a trimmer fit on your baby.

So there you have it! A very, very similar fit, with very different fabric make-ups, is what you will find with the Thirsties AIO  v. the NAIO. If you have any questions about either diaper, or anything from the Thirsties brand line-up, give us a shout!